Welcome Fellow Traveler! I don’t know how you found my site, but I’m glad you did.

Bernadette’s Messy Musings celebrates life as it really is. Raw. Imperfect. Beautiful. This is the place where we capture intuitive inspiration and fuse it with word, art, spirit, and the messy stuff of life — and invite something beautiful to emerge.

Who am I? Bernadette Rose Smith, author of The Luminous Slide and MoonDancing, visual storyteller and artist, creative mentor and inspirational guide. Some have claimed me as their sensei and sherpa but really I am more of a messy muse who is not afraid to venture off the map or break the rules. One size does not fit all here so relax, explore, and be the self you brought. It’s the perfect starting point for us to get to know each other.

What will you find here? Creative fusions of books, art, storytelling, and blogging — offered to enrich your life and stir up the energy that supports more of what is precious to you. I don’t believe in coincidences. You landed here: there is something waiting for you! ❤ Bernadette
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