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2020. Vision. Not Hindsight.

2020. Vision. Hindsight. New Year.

If “hindsight is 20/20,” then 2020 is the infamous year for which we’ve all been waiting. For those too young – or smart – to know this phrase: hindsight means “thinking about things after they’ve happened” and 20/20 means “perfect vision.”

The more optimistic, glass-half-full version of this phrase would be, “I always seem to grow smarter in retrospect.” The glass, half empty, would be, “I should have known better.”

THIS is the year when it all comes together, because our hinder will be in clear sight. Hinder, as in “belonging to that part or end which is in the rear,” as in our rear with no regrets to follow, as in no one’s butt to kiss but our own. WooHoo. 🙂

We are heading straight into 2020, the heavily prophesied, magical year when the rear view mirror is replaced with a crystal ball. The year when wisdom is harvested in advance, like low-hanging fruit in an orchard, ripe and ready for the picking.

Let’s take a nice, deep breath here while we imagine the possibilities.

What if we called forth our hindsight with the kind-sight of perfect vision? What if we forgive the hindsight, hidden in the shadows of resolutions carried forth from previous years, and embraced each precious moment, trusting that all we need to know is with us now?

We were born with 20/20 vision, our own inner GPS – God Powered Sight.

This is the year to claim it. 20/20 in 2020. Easy enough to remember. Will you join me in my mantra for perfect vision? Wiggle your hinder and lets be kinder as we dance into the new year. This will be my third without Ray in body, my second without a breast … but cancer will not steal from me my capacity for wonder, and my desire to light up the sky. There is still so much to embrace about this adventure called living.

20/20 in 2020. Ask and ye shall receive.

Much love and appreciation for you, dEAr hEArTs. Happy New Year. ❤ Bernadette

PS: For those interested in the esoteric art of numerology, 2020 = 4, a foundational vibration that supports what it takes to get things done. It invites order, focus, conscious engagement, practical solutions, and building something of value for generations to come. 2020 is an angelic configuration, so remember to “take yourself lightly,” and whistle while you work, for you do none of this alone.

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4 thoughts on “2020. Vision. Not Hindsight.”

  1. Another beautiful insight, written only as you can do😊 To my favorite word-smith, here’s going into 2020 with eyes, heart and mind wide open to the magic of living!

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