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Bernadette Rose Smith

Hello fellow traveler. Take a load off your feet and rest awhile with me. My name is Bernadette Rose Smith and I am the resident muse and messy here. I am also a woman reviewing, recalibrating, renewing, and resourcing her resources. (More on that in a moment.)

Thank you for clicking ABOUT. I don’t know how you found me but I believe you are reading this for reasons beyond curiosity. This is not the place where coincidences happen. There is something here for you. I don’t know what it is but I trust you will leave with it — knowingly or unknowingly. Muses and angels work that way.

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. – Rumi

This quote is an activity guide for me and has held the north point on my creative compass for a number of years — especially now.

Why? Short version: my beloved husband and creative cohort died of cancer and I lost a breast — both in the same year. And I knew I would not survive if I did not make a decision to thrive. I knew that because surviving did not offer enough to fill the huge hole blown through my heart. I required more.

As I type this, the website my husband and I envisioned and created to support the creative spirit in all of us is under brute force attack. (Oh the irony.) Seems the bots have found the back door and are trying to get in, taking up my bandwidth to the point that I can hardly squeeze in between them to write and post a blog in “Bernadette’s Musings from the Messy Room.”

When I was told the fixes weren’t holding and the chances of restoring the site wasn’t looking good, it broke my heart. There is so much history in those pages. Plus, it felt like giving up another piece of “us.”

Poater by Bernadette Rose Smith

Before my husband died he said something curious to me. “There is a Bernadette you haven’t been yet. Find her.” I feel his presence many days, pushing me toward the blank canvas this strange new life offers — metaphorically represented by this new website.

So, here I am — a woman reviewing, recalibrating, renewing, and resourcing her resources. And wondering what this ABOUT will be about, now that the bots are booting me out.

The poster below was created for my Facebook page a few years ago. It’s been unearthed and shared several times this morning by people I don’t know and yet send my gratitude toward. I have to laugh at how the angels — and my sweetheart — like to use my own words to remind me … and now you … because you read this far.

Poster by Bernadette Rose Smith

Posted April 17, 2016. Less than a year before my husband died.
“I know. Sounds silly — especially if you haven’t hit your first 50 yet. But, here’s the thing no matter what your age. Your history is important. It’s how you got from there to here to be who you are now. It’s important to remember as a piece of your ongoing, evolutionary process. But KEEP LIVING. Don’t lose yourself in the museum of your past. There are more adventures to be had and discoveries to make. There is more YOU to unfold. History is NOT a crystal ball for the future … not for any of us. We need you and your history here, NOW, so we can move forward – together. So, don’t miss an opportunity to MAKE HISTORY every day, LoVeLY meSSy. Don’t get stuck in being the curator. Leave that to those who get paid for such. ❤ Bernadette ”

I’m glad you’re here. Lets see what we can get into in this new playground, shall we?

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