Devotion by Bernadette Rose Smith

Each mask is one of a kind with ephemera: vintage book pages, dictionaries, maps, love letters, handmade paper, paper I printed, tissue, bits of fabric – whatever speaks well to the topic chosen. Backgrounds are textured with acrylic paint or gel press papers printed by me. Assemblage feathers and bouquets are made predominantly of paper and reinforced for reasonable durability. Backs of the masks are pretty, too!  When a mask is created, I announce it on my blog – with a little story of course. If you would like a ready-made mask, follow me there. I list photos and links to the specific posts (below on this page) until the mask is sold.

Or you may simply give me a theme with a few words, memories or preferences and select your color base, then let me run with it. The mask is life-size and mounted on a background that proportions nicely with framing. I find the wider frame molding does better, visually, in balancing out the mask. The frame is as much a part of the design as the mask so I keep a selection on hand and let the frame be a muse while I create.

Paper Flowers by Bernadette Rose Smith

He gave her paper flowers because he knew that she loved words.
Wax pressed intent upon her heart that his voice within be heard.
– Bernadette Rose Smith

Paper Floers by Bernadette Rose Smith

DreamTime by Bernadette Rose Smith

Average background size is usually 8 x 10. (Approximately 14 x 16 with frame molding.) I match each piece with a frame that compliments the mask. I like to think of these masks as magic portals that allow us to visit that special place where inspiration and delight live.

Mask assemblages start at $275, including frames. Backed, wired and ready for hanging!

DreamTime by Bernadette Rose Smith

Devotion by Bernadette Rose Smith

The Commission Process: Most mask design requests can be handled by email. However, if you have special needs or considerations, we will schedule a time via email to talk about them. I am currently creating for clients in the United States only.

Payment and Return Policy: You will be sent two PayPal links. The first will be a 50% non-refundable deposit after we have agreed on the mask you wish to receive. The second PayPal link will be for the second half plus shipping and is sent upon completion. (Shipping costs and best methods for shipping are determined after we know its weight and size.) I am not responsible for loss or damage by earth angel carriers so masks will be insured upon shipping.

Because commissioned masks are created solely for the recipient, I do not accept returns. All efforts are made in process to assure a beautiful mask for you or a loved one to enjoy.

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DreamTime by Bernadette Rose Smith

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UPDATE: All masks shown here have been sold.