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I’m a mixed-media artist and a visual storyteller. As a writer and artist, combining my two loves is my passion. Layers fascinate me. Bits and pieces of paper, splatters and textures of paint, scraps of words inspired by poems or stories magically fuse onto masks, into altered books, or collage themselves onto canvas. It’s not unusual for a piece of art to start with a poem or something I’ve written in my journal. Bottom line? I am not inclined to make a mess in my studio if there isn’t a message, story, or backstory muse in attendance!

HappiNest Close SMHH 750_8747
Close up of the layers found dancing on a mask assemblage entitled “HappiNest.”

Scroll down and you will find masks and altered books, as well as a few fine art prints for sale. I usually blog about the individual pieces because — well — they have stories to tell!

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Inspiritus-Guided Altars: This is a fusion of word, art, and divinely guided messages through the creative art form of an altered book, custom made for the inquirer as a powerful and very personal portal to that place of inSPIRITus. Colors, textures, words, subject matter, places for interaction and contemplation – each book is different as each book is a channeled collaboration. This is inspired art with a message created just for you. There is no map or template for this, except the book that will be altered on your behalf. Some symbols and messages may be immediately apparent, while others grow or appear when you are ready to see them. Think of Inspiritus Altars as your personal “owners manual” complete with guide. These altars also make lovely gifts.

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Portal Masks: My masks are a fusion of word, art, and inspiration – created for you as a very personal portal to that place where hearts reside and connect. Colors, textures, words, ephemera, subject matter – each mask is different as each is an inspired collaboration honoring the space where we cradle memories and receive inspiration. This share-the-love portal makes a lovely gift. I started creating these after my husband passed away. They are a delightful healing addition to my other art. I know he loves seeing me do these, as he was also an artist!

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