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I LOVE to play with words. Inside out. Upside down. Backwards. Forwards. I can’t help my fidgety fascination with them. And Enlightened Ink is one of my playgrounds — as well as my publishing company. Whether you are looking for a good read to pass the time or a little inspiration to get you around the next corner, you’ll find this playground currently offers three books to brighten your day. And be sure to visit my blog where I fuse words with art and storytelling — and venture topics on the meSSier sTuFf life tosses our way.  XO Bernadette


The Luminous Slide is a fun-fantasy novelette, a FanTaSTICaL story about love and the timeless, guaranteed to make you smile — and wonder just a little.
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“A total triumph for Bernadette Smith!!! The Luminous Slide was pure perfection and a magical read … I truly couldn’t put it down …”
– Gordon McGregor, International Meditation and Mindful Living Trainer & Coach

Moondancing by Bernadette Rose Smith

What do the law of attraction and the moon have in common? They dance.

My playful, practical approach to manifesting gets you tapping happy on the dance floor no matter where you are in the cycle of life.

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“MoonDancing is a must have for anyone on a path of self-discovery and reflection. I love the concept Bernadette has so aptly captured with the energy and cycles of the moon as you journey from start to finish …”
– Di Riseborough, Intuitive Life Strategist, Speaker, F-Word Specialist

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By The Seat of Your Pants by Bernadette Rose Smith

Why do you need By The Seat Of Your Pants Travel Tips?

Because, you don’t have time to pause for the travel itinerary when you’re trying to get through the next intersection without crashing.

Lets face it. The stuff of life isn’t slowing down. No matter where you look there is chaos and drama. Enlightened, om-like pauses at the crossroads feel out of reach, especially when you’re playing dodge cars in an intersection where the traffic lights are out. That’s what this travel kit is for. To help you get through the real life, messy, by the seat of your pants moments – quickly and wreck free.

By The Seat of Your Pants by Bernadette Rose Smithh

When you click on the link you will be able to view the whole book. However, I cannot guarantee how long it will be free. So, why wait for the light to change?

Yes, By The Seat Of Your Pants is FREE. This is my way of extending gratitude, and sharing the many blessings I have received. XO Bernadette #thrivingbeyondbreastcancer