The Luminous Slide

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“Some might say this was a story told to me by a woman mad with grief, but to sit in her presence . . .” Sophia looked up. “She was compelling; the more she spoke, the more I was drawn in by a desire to believe that what she told me could be so.” ~ Excerpt

The Luminous Slide, a novel by Bernadette Rose Smith.

Heartbroken and hoping for a fresh start, Darrah Rose accepts a writing assignment that takes her to New York City. Following the suggestion from a stranger on the plane, she decides to check out The Inn Between, a small café not far from her hotel, frequented by artists and writers. There, she stumbles upon The Kiss, an abandoned piece of art that depicts an intimate moment shared between a man and woman. Darrah slides the art into her case, drawn, beyond reason, to find out more about the couple and the art, but first she must find who left it. Enter Sophia, the artist. But who is she really? And where are the man and woman portrayed in The Kiss, now? Darrah would soon find out that the world is not all it seems, as she is cast into dreams, visions, and otherworldly encounters — her relationship with time and love never to be the same.

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Praise for The Luminous Slide

“I’ve been following Bernadette’s inspirational writings for quite a long while and she usually knocks it out of the park. Her first foray into the world of fiction — not surprisingly — was more of the same. Captivating! I wasn’t sure where it was going but I stopped trying to anticipate and surrendered to the story. I loved the ride and the slide.”

Jerry Giordano, Writer, eBRANDgelist, Creative Director, Dallas, TX

“In The Luminous Slide, Bernadette Rose Smith transports us beyond this earthbound locus to a realm of quintessence—where we find that time and space, love and loss, life and death are fluid, and dreams are part of a higher order of our existence. Yet we are brought back to this plane with conversation, laughter, art, fashion, and really good breakfast food. With this book I find the act of reading and the act of rich, detailed dreaming one and the same.”

Andy Offutt Irwin,
National Storyteller, Humorist, Musician, Arts Educator, Covington, GA

“A total triumph for Bernadette Smith!!! The Luminous Slide was pure perfection and a magical read. Following the adventures of Darrah and how her journey unfolded, and the cadence of the storytelling was sweet delight. I truly couldn’t put it down and got swept up and lost all track of time as I read every encounter and moment of this book. Find a corner to curl up in and leave your phone in the other room and just disappear into the world of Ms. Smith’s characters and story of The Luminous Slide!”

Gordon McGregor
International Meditation and Mindful Living Trainer & Coach, Los Angeles, CA

“Using her characters as catalysts, Bernadette Smith creates a spiritual journey which transcends time, honoring both human strength and human frailty. Through an exploration of possibilities outside the usual explanations and theories of behavior, Ms. Smith creates a path toward the freedom that comes from acceptance and forgiveness of self and others while acknowledging that love can exist amid an entire range of feelings.”

Mickey McConnell
Artist, Poet, Writer, Atlanta, GA

“The Luminous Slide is a surprising read. It’s a multi level read, which I like. I can take what I want and leave the rest or I can choose to explore my own feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and use my imagination right along with the author. This first novelette is a superb visit into the extraordinary and leaves the reader wanting more.”

Pam Shierling,
Editor, The Islander Newspaper, St. Simons, GA

“There is something compelling about sitting in a cafe, deep in conversation over a coffee and a shared danish. There is no more perfect a venue to drink copious amounts of coffee and to expound on the many layers of our lives.

I savored the journey in both food and food for thought. And I am convinced that the food served at the Inn Between Cafe is every bit as important and enticing as the journey Bernadette Rose Smith takes us on beyond the veil, beyond the stories. I loved reading and rereading The Luminous Slide. It was delicious for both my palette and for my mind and has left my mouth watering and hungry for more. I suspect that, if you are prone to pontificating on the merits of the Universe, you will find The Luminous Slide a most interesting ride.”

Donna Harvey, St. John’s, Newfoundland

“Bernadette’s writing is engaging from the first page. Reminiscent of Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist and Richard Bach’s Illusions, The Luminous Slide is a magical book that you’ll want to curl up with in a chair and fully enjoy. It is a story of love, healing, serendipitous meetings with strangers, and time travel . . . This delightful, ethereal story feels like a reminder that there is so much more going on in this life than meets the eye, and just a shift in perception can open up entirely new worlds of possibility and healing. I am excited to read whatever else she writes!”

Monica Morgan, Atlanta, GA

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• Paperback: 170 pages
• Dimensions: 5.2 x 8 inches
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Click Here to Buy the Kindle Edition on Amazon!